Our Story

From The Founder

The identity of Myra Moner is as unique as the handicrafts it meticulously produces. It all started when my great grandma knitted point lace scarves, patchwork blankets, lace table clothes and many more artisan handmade gifts for her daughter as a wedding gift. Her daughter then added to this vintage collection with her honed skills and gifted those handicrafts to her daughter and her daughter knitted more and continued the lineal tradition. Three generations later, the process continues passing from mothers to daughters in our family. I will always remember the passion and respect for the past that consumed me when I first saw the invaluable collection of antique Anatolian crafts. I was blown away by the history and beauty of the art and I hope that you will be, too.

The art was not only transferred from one generation to another, it also traveled Silk Road to Anatolia and carried the traces of unique civilizations. I am still not sure how many hours of work dedicated to complete those over 200 pieces but I am raised with this awareness, sereneness, and richness of the art that I enjoy having them in my life. Their story and soul uplift me and I am excited to be creating beautiful, custom made, locally grown and handcrafted art and sharing them every day.

It was not only my passion for the authentic arts of my homeland, but also my hopes to contribute to a good cause and create a meaningful life pushed me to establish this company. In fall 2017, I launched my first collection of handmade and one-of-a-kind accessories made by underprivileged women and women who were subject to lose their skill sets due to the disappearance of the arts trade in the Anatolian peninsula.

Patrons of Myra Moner, like the products themselves, are intriguing, sophisticated, bold and beautiful each with their unique peculiarities and flairs. They are wearing artisanal, handmade, unique products and also supporting other women to create art as they help to develop their time-tested skill sets and contribute to the respected history of Anatolian arts. Myra Moner's uniquely handmade products are designed to reflect each woman's one of a kind character. None of our products are identical – just as no two women are identical.


A Brand Story: Reviving Anatolian Arts

Myra was an ancient Greek town in Lycia, located on the Mediterranean coast, between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. The choice to name our brand after this antique city is a reference to the antique art techniques used making our products. These techniques were common in Ancient Anatolia, Mesopotamia, India and Asia and are just one element of the mysticism of the regions we hope to incorporate in our brand. Our products carry a reverence for ancient history as we pastiche its beauty for the consumers of today and tomorrow. Myra Moner creates art, the only difference is that you can wear it.

Myra Moner believes with its whole heart that we all shall express and embrace our differences and support one another. Each piece in our collections allows you to share another person’s story from a different time and to add onto that to tell your own story.

We at Myra Moner are chasing our “childish” dreams and our mindsets coupled with restless efforts. We started small by supporting handywomen in the region. Our biggest dream is to provide a job opportunity for every woman in need. We believe that societies develop by supporting each other and developed societies contribute to great events in this world.

Myra Moner creates unique and handcrafted products whose variations and minor imperfections reflect the idiosyncrasies of the women who make them, and of society as a whole. The products you are viewing on our website today are only the beginning of our journey.

We want to share our brand’s growing-up story and our parenting experiences with you as we will be looking back consistently to make sure we provide the greatest possible products that conform with our mission of reviving Anatolian Arts. If you share your thoughts and feelings about Myra Moner with us, that would build up our experience and make it much more meaningful. We can’t wait to hear back from you!

Thank you for being a part of Myra Moner. Get ready, because as we harken back to history for our inspiration, we are always changing things for the future.



Myra Moner Family